Special use of drum type cleaning machine

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1、 Features of drum type cleaning machine:

1. The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable, reinforced and welded;

2. The vibration plate is welded with thickened stainless steel, with good sealing performance and hard chromium plating, which is durable;

3. High efficiency energy Q-value oscillator, the fourth generation ultrasonic generator is selected, and the ultrasonic power is adjustable;

4. Original "PLC" programmable control system and electronic components imported from Japan;

5. Light touch LCD touch screen control, cleaning time and parameters can be adjusted;

6. The ultrasonic generator and vibrating plate are of split structure, connected by high frequency line, which is convenient for maintenance and recuperation;

7. The cleaning tank is equipped with water level maintenance, circulating filtering system, heating system and serrated overflow;

8. The cleaning tank and monotone tank are equipped with current overload maintenance and phase loss maintenance;

9. The washing tank is equipped with a shaking system, which can clean quickly and evenly;

10. Full active control, simple and convenient operation.

2、 Basic structure of equipment:

The whole machine is of full sealing structure, the body tank is made of stainless steel, and the body cover is made of carbon steel plastic spraying plate with plexiglass viewing window. Main components of the equipment: ultrasonic cleaning host, multi arm lifting manipulator, multi arm transverse manipulator, electrical control cabinet, active feeding table, active discharging table, clean liquid storage tank, dirty liquid storage tank, distillation recovery machine, refrigeration system.

3、 Cleaning process of drum type cleaning machine:

Feeding → hot soaking (rotation) → ascending deliquescence (rotation) → ascending deliquescence (rotation) → ascending deliquescence (rotation) → ascending deliquescence (rotation) → ascending deliquescence (rotation) → ascending steam bath (rotation) → ascending freezing (rotation) → drying (rotation) → discharging

4、 The main uses of the drum type cleaning machine are as follows:

Electronic parts cleaning, pre electroplating degreasing, derusting, post electroplating cleaning, hardware cleaning, watch parts degreasing, cleaning, watch strap degreasing, cleaning, mechanical parts degreasing, cleaning, things cleaning, optical lens cleaning, jewelry cleaning, toy cleaning, glasses cleaning, stainless steel tableware degreasing, cleaning, computer chassis degreasing, cleaning, Liquid crystal display box oil removal, cleaning, automotive precision parts and precision casting parts oil removal, chip removal, cleaning, etc.