Working principle and structure of mango beating machine

Time:2021-05-05 09:17  Browse:277

Based on the original mango beating equipment, our company developed a new type of mango special processing equipment with imported technology. This equipment has novel structure, stable performance, simple operation and good separation effect. It is an ideal choice for mango pre-treatment in juice factory. It does not need grading, and has two functions of peeling and nucleating at the same time. The pulp recovery rate is as high as 99.5%, which is an ideal mango juice processing equipment.

The output is 1-4 T / h.

Working principle of mango beating machine:

When it is used for beating stone fruit (such as mango), if the single pass de nucleation beating machine is selected, the flesh will flow into the buffer tank from the hopper, and the core will be discharged from the slag. The two-way beating machine can remove the core in the first way and finish the second beating. It can separate the core, peel and dregs automatically. Recommend users to give priority to the use of dual channel refiner.